The Biodiversity-Socialist Movement

Elk in Pennsylvania, in Virginia Next?

Landowners and sportsmen in Pennsylvania are beginning to learn how devastating, threatening and costly the Biodiversity-Socialist movement in Pennsylvania has become. It is not only a serious threat to hunting sports, but goes much further by threatening the very foundations on which this Nation was founded, namely, the 1st and 2nd Amendments to the Constitution and the basic right to own property.

Several years ago (1996-97) the state was paid a visit by Maurice Strong, a Canadian Socialist and chief organizer of the 1992 U.N. Conference on Biodiversity held in Rio de Janeiro. He paved the way for biodiversity (a la U.N. style) in Pennsylvania by being invited and urged on by the environmental extremists here at home. His message was largely one of saving the world by saving the ecology of Mother Earth from destruction by humans. In fact he even preached to the environmental community that saving the ecology of Mother Earth was worth the sacrifice of giving up the National Sovereignty of the United States. Maurice Strong was even awarded a Medal of Merit by Dickinson College for his brilliance and involvement in world affairs. How could this have happened?

About the same time as Strong appeared in Pennsylvania, Dr. Reed Noss of the University of Oregon and Editor of the Journal, “Conservation Biology” was making his way through the lecture circuit here in Pennsylvania. Noss was one of the founders of the Wildlands Project, adopted by the United Nations that was designed to place 50% of the land in America in biosphere reserves that would be off limits to all human activity. The Wildlands Project was to prevent further human damage to the ecology of our lands and to restore them to pre-settlement conditions of a pristine nature. Noss was a firm believer and teacher of biocentrism, i.e., there is no difference between animal and human life. Noss also preached the principles of sustainability, namely, suburban living, air conditioning (home and business), frozen foods were not sustainable and should be done away with. He was a partner of Dave Foreman, founder of the radical group Earth First!. As socialists, and not believers in capitalism and individual freedom, the Wildlands Project was their main theme. Most assuredly, everything civilized must go. Debbie Boze who is one of the protest leaders of Earth First!, said “If we don't overthrow capitalism, we don't have a chance of saving the world ecologically… I think it's possible to have an ecologically sound society through socialism… I don't think it's possible through capitalism.” Some call it by another name, namely, the Re-wilding of America - still socialism but under a different cover. Lenin once remarked that “The goal of Socialism is Communism”. In addition to setting aside 50% of all land as off limits to human activity, another 30% would be comprised of buffer zones and corridors where large carnivores could roam freely, particularly wolves and bears. Humans and industrial operations would be compressed into the remaining 20% of the land.

Remember that our government never signed onto the International Biodiversity Treaty and yet all of the apparatus is being put into place through various government agencies because of a group called the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The IUCN is a critical advisor to the U.N. and is comprised of different governmental agencies and Non Governmental Organizations around the world, joining the U.N. as advisors, and they include the EPA, the National Forest Service, the National Park Service, the USFWS, the Sierra Club, the National Wildlife Federation, the Nature Conservancy, the National Resources Defense Council and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. These are all organizations tied in and working with the U.N. on the goals for the Convention on Biological Diversity Treaty.

As bizarre as all this seems, one only has to go to the records of the United Nations to confirm that indeed there is this super plan for humanity to be reduced to a hunter-gatherer type of society much like that of our prehistoric ancestors.

Both Maurice Strong and Reed Noss were invited into Pennsylvania by environmental extremists and lectured at the expense of taxpayers at Shippensburg University and elsewhere under the auspices of the Kings Gap Environmental Center in Carlisle. Kings Gap is operated under the PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR).The whole bizarre scheme is alive today and working to lower the standards of living of Pennsylvania residents to obtain Sustainability in every aspect of one's life, even at the expense of liberty, freedom and national sovereignty.

Sustainable Development entered the world officially in 1987 in a report of the United Nations Commission on Environment and Development entitled, “Our Common Future”. This Commission was chaired by Gro Harlem Bruntland, Prime Minister of Norway and Vice-president of the World Socialist Party. President Clinton's Council on Sustainable Development adopted the Bruntland Commission's concepts of sustainable development which is “…to meet the needs of the present without comprising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Almost unbelievably, but with a sense of shock and amazement, Governor Tom Ridge's 21st Century Environment Commission paid homage to the Socialist Gro Harlem Bruntland in the draft report of the 21st Century Commission by giving recognition to the core values of the Bruntland Report, which in turn set the stage for furthering U. N. recommendations on sustainable development and ecosystem management. All this started in Pennsylvania under the leadership of John Oliver, Secretary of DCNR during the Ridge Administration.

With all the quiet maneuvering behind the scenes, the stage was being set to bring Pennsylvania into the Biodiversity - Socialist network that would help spread the movement nationwide. Statistical studies by economists have determined that by 1995 environmental restrictions had already reduced the Gross National Product to 20% below what it should have been. The lowering of the standard of living had begun and during this period Land Trusts and government agencies were busy buying up more and more private lands and placing them into the controlled government arena. Public agencies were showering environmental organizations and Land Trusts with huge giveaway funding to remove land from private ownership. By controlling land use, the control of people follows because it is government that owns the resources and has all the power. Nature is secondary. Ask yourself what happens when one party controls 50% of the assets in a company? Land buying by government was and is happening here at a feverish pace and now we see that the first United Nations Biosphere Reserve is headed for Pennsylvania. Already in the United States there are 47 such biospheres established. Some states like Missouri, North Carolina and Kentucky have thrown the socialists out through mass public opposition and legislative intervention.

Most recently, attention has been directed toward the ELK PROJECT, a joint project of the PA Game Commission and DCNR for the establishment of a 700+ square mile elk viewing area in North Central Pennsylvania. This area is to be encircled by an elaborate byway for elk viewing. In all reality, the main purpose of this project is to form the nucleus (or core area) of a biosphere reserve. Once reserve status is established, all timbering ceases, roads are closed and rural depopulation begins to finalize the development of a Wildlands Project. It is happening, it is real and it will remove from production and from the Commonwealth and private ownership over 700 square miles of land and its resources. If successful, this initial Wildlands Project will be followed by a similar project that will incorporate much of the Laurel Highlands and Allegheny region into a second biosphere connecting with the lower Appalachian biosphere in West Virginia. Other Pennsylvania biospheres have been identified through biosphere mapping that is available.

While our Federal Government has never ratified the International Biodiversity Treaty, it is being implemented across the United States. Where are our elected officials? If you think it can't get worse, it can, as Bill Clinton put out an article on Sustainable Communities and it talks about going to the public library to get a chain saw. You can't own one. You would actually borrow one, with government permission, to cut a tree and all tools like that would be on loan from your public library. Besides, you would be told where to work at one-half the pay you now bring home.

For further information on the Wildlands Project contact:

The Environmental Conservation Organization, P.O. Box 191, Hollow Rock, TN 38342. Phone: 901-986-0099. email: ecologic Mr. Henry Lamb

Environmental Perspectives, Inc., 1229 Broadway, Suite 313, Bangor, Maine 04401. Phone: 207-945-9878. Dr. Michael Coffman

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