No trace remains of the old Siron Schoolhouse, which once stood north of McDowell. With the advent of the ‘modern, consolidated public-school system’, which continues to take its toll on education and the culture of America, perhaps the day is not too far off when the majority of Americans will realize the home-school and local, parentally-controlled ‘one-room schoolhouses’ are again necessary to ensure ‘My people will not be destroyed for a lack of knowledge.’




By Police Officer Jack McLamb,
Phoenix Police Department, 1979


A Letter Written to Fellow Police Officers,
National Guard and Military Personnel Nationwide

A Lawman Speaks is an eight-page pamphlet, written in 1979, explaining why “Tyranny cannot come to the door of any American unless it comes in uniform.” It is particularly directed to men and women in uniform serving their fellow Americans, but the message is meant to reach every one of us.

$1 each post paid; 2-9 copies, 50 cents each, post paid; 10 or more copies, 25 cents each, plus postage.

Wind Power Dollars and Sense is a 32 page report by L.M. Schwartz covering many of the economic and engineering fallacies of Wind Energy. Government agencies and the wind industry have successfully portrayed wind-generated electricity as “green” and as a price-competitive, potentially significant alternative source of power which could reduce dependence on ‘dirty’ fuels. While wind generated electricity may make sense in some limited circumstances, industry and government claims for its widespread use are not currently supported by sound science or economic analysis of costs v. benefits. $4 each post paid. (2004)

The Mill at Palo Alto
By Lewis C. Kibbee
A History of the Mill at Palo Alto, Virginia

This 64-page book is profusely illustrated with photographs and diagrams, many from the early 1900s. The original Mill was built by Joseph Botkin at the time of the War for Southern Independence. The main text was written by Lewis Kibbee, an automotive engineer with a keen insight into human nature and a witty and humorous way with words. The story is a tribute to the Botkin and Simmons families of Highland County, and to the culture, intelligence and independence of western Virginia’s early settlers. Published by The Virginia Land Rights Coalition. 64 pages, 8 ½ x 11, (2003) $8 (plus $2 post)

The Law, first published as a pamphlet in June, 1850, is a small book written by French economist and statesman Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850). Wrongfully ignored in France, though recognized as being an author of foremost importance in many other countries (in the United States in particular), he explained how socialism must inevitably degenerate into communism. Most of his countrymen chose to ignore his logic. The same situation exists in America today as in France of 1848. The same socialist-communist ideas and plans adopted in France are now sweeping America. The explanations and arguments then advanced against socialism by Mr. Bastiat are — word for word — equally valid today. His ideas deserve a serious hearing and should be required reading for every public servant. 80 pages. $6 post paid.

It’s Common Sense is a 48-page, ‘Comic Book’ style booklet, #3 in the JPFO’s Grandpa Jack Series. The author, with clear, hard-hitting documentation, takes the reader through the importance of each one of our Bill of Rights.

There are seven other booklets in the Grandpa Jack series. Each dispels the myths of ‘gun control’ and illustrates the real reason the Founders considered an armed people the only insurance for Liberty:

Gun Control’ Kills Kids
Can You Get a Fair Trial in America?
Gun Control’ is Racist
United Nations is Killing Your Freedoms
Will ‘Gun Control’ Make You Safer?
Do Gun Prohibitionists Have a Mental Problem?
Is America Becoming a Police State?

All of the above eight booklets are $3 each postpaid. $1 each for 25 or more, single title or mixed, plus postage.

Jury Nullification is a booklet published by the American Jury Institute/ Fully Informed Jury Association. The late Justice William Goodloe explains why, as John Jay, 1st Chief Justice of the United States supreme Court, stated in 1789, “The jury has a right to judge both the law as well as the fact in controversy.”

Almost every jury in the land is falsely instructed by the judge when it is told it must accept as the law that which is given to them by the court, and that the jury can decide only the facts in a criminal case. This is to destroy the purpose of a Common Law Jury, and to permit the imposition of tyranny upon the people. 30 pages, $4 each post paid.

The Mainspring of Human Progress, published by The Foundation for Economic Education, is another of those ‘treasures’ generally unknown to the average American. Mr. Weaver traces six thousand years of human history, pointing out that down through the ages, most humans have gone hungry and many have starved. Using common sense and historical fact, he explains why “suddenly, in one place on Earth there is an abundance…” because in the United States, individual Freedom flourished, unleashing the greatest degree of invention and ingenuity, and the greatest social benefits for all. Weaver noted: “No matter how much money John Deere may have made, it would be insignificant in comparison with the tremendous overall benefits shared by millions of people…It’s just possible that good old John Deere wouldn’t have bothered his head about the plowing problem if he hadn’t been living in a free country, where an ambitious blacksmith had a chance to become a prosperous manufacturer.” 272 pages, $10 plus $2 postage

Government by Decree delves into the history and effects of the abuse of Presidential Executive Orders—a power to institute broad, invasive measures which have been and can be dictatorial. When a President creates “law” through executive order, the legislative process and separation of powers are bypassed. 64 pages, 4”x 7” $5 plus $1 postage

Return of the Dead Hand is a pamphlet exposing the ‘trap’ set for landowners. Those who are tempted by the ‘honey’ of alleged benefits of this “legal device,” designed to restrict private property rights, should carefully weigh the long-term consequences of signing on the dotted line.

Conservation easements are not true easements, but, instead, a dangerous and deceptive means of transferring control and ownership of private property to government. 12 pages, 5 ½ x 8 ½, $1 each post paid. 10 or more, 75 cents each plus postage.

We have several thousand newspaper articles, magazine articles, research papers, law reviews, legal decisions and other information available, either on computer files or as printed material and in reference books. Interested in learning the truth about the activities of The Nature Conservancy, for instance; looking for a court decision on eminent domain; researching how Virginia land grants by the King of England affect water rights in streams and rivers; curious about ‘invasive species’; or want more information about the ‘global warming’ fraud? Information on file covers a multitude of subjects from public schools to ‘mad cow disease’ to privacy rights. Copies of printed information are available at a nominal cost. Emailed documents are normally available at no charge. Let us know your specific needs. If we don’t have it, we can probably point you in the right direction.