VLRC Research

Aunt Lou's bear
Just as “Aunt Lou’s” bear was looking for something — most likely a treat in Mr. Web Shoulder's hand — many property owners are looking for answers to questions about their property rights.

In addition to information made available to the public through this website, The Virginia Land Rights Coalition can provide private, written documentation to individuals who request information on questions affecting their property rights.

If you are seeking specific statutory or case law information about easements, eminent domain (takings), government regulatory issues such as planning and zoning, or other issues affecting your Constitutional and legal rights, or if you are involved in a court action, we may be able to help.

While the purpose of this private research should not be considered legal advice, both property owners and attorneys have found it to be of value. For instance, we recently provided a land surveyor with Virginia and West Virginia rulings on non-navigable streams as boundary lines; one landowner with a summary of legal decisions pertaining to gifts inter vivos as affecting the right of first refusal to purchase; another with case law research on scenic easements and historic districts; and yet another with information on a county ‘Farmland, Open Space and Development Rights Ordinance.’

Please contact us for further information about this service.